Nehad El-Sayed - Unterricht


Aoud Workshop für Fortgeschrittene

In my workshop for advanced oud players I concentrate on helping the students  to develop their own skills in different directions.:

  1. First of all how could they work to develop their Sound according to their own taste of music.
  2. Second how to get the best result out of their practice time by using some new Technology methods which is easy to use as well available for everyone.

All of this will be achieved throw our working process (in group as well individual lessons) on 4 different piece:

  1. Samai Rahet Arwah composed by Mamdouh El-Gebaly
  2. Law Kan Ly Ganah composed by Nasser Shamma
  3. Hobby composed by Mohammed Abd El-Wahab
  4. Samai Kurd composed by Said El-Chraibi

My choice for those 4 pieces is to give the oud players the chance to work in totally different styles with different art of ornaments, Rhythms and Maqams.