Zyriab Trio,

Friday 1.9., 8 pm – Kirche St. Cyriak, Sulzburg
Zyriab Trio
Bassem Hawar
Djoze – Irak / Köln
Merlin Grothe – Flamenco Gitarre
Michal Maciak – Flamenco Gitarre
17 Eur / Abendkasse  18 Eur

The name of the trio is inspired by the life of the musicon and scientist Abu l-Hasan ‘Ali Ibn Nafi‘ (789-857) alias Ziryab , who  travelled from Baghdad in Iraq to Cordoba, Spain and did develop the old arabic music and therefore created a basis for the andalusian Music.
In the “Zyriab” trio flamenco guitar and Djoze do meet. Classical elements from flamenco, arabic music and also modern music are finding their way in the compositions of the musicons in their own expressions and they are mirroring their lifes.
Modernity and tradition of the orient and okzident are melted.

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