Tarek Abdallah

Alexandria / Marseille — Aoud

Tarek Abdallah - Giles Vidal



Composer and Alexandrine interpreter born in 1975, Tarek Abdallah draws his inspiration from the golden age of the art of Egyptian oud solo (1910-1930), which is in the center of his musicological researches at the University Lumiére Lyon 2. Awarded a diploma by the House of the Arabic Lute of Cairo in 2005, he now lives in France and he is at present a PhD student in Musicology at the University Lyon 2 and multiplies the experiences connected to the transmission, to the broadcasting and to the popularization of the knowledge bound connected to the Arabic Lute : courses, creations and workshops in all the Mediterranean. He also collaborates with artists stemming from the jazz, from the baroque music, from the contemporary dance, from the theater and from the World Music.

He receives first of all the teaching of Hazem Shahine with whom he founded the group ” Eskenderella ” in February, 2000. Then of the Iraqi Grand Master Naseer Shamma at The House of the Arabic Lute of Cairo which awarded him in January, 2005 the diploma of Soloist and Professor with the prize of excellence. At the same time, he was formed with the Grand Master and the Egyptian composer Abdou Dagher as well as in the Moroccan singing with Said Chraibi and in the Persian music with Dariush Tala i in the Abbey of Royaumont in France. In 2008 he obtains the diploma of Musical Studies (Traditional Musics – oud) of the National School of Villeurbanne with the congratulations of the jury.

Research, Musicology
In 2009, he obtained a Master’s degree (Research and Professional) in Musicology of the University Lumiére Lyon 2 . At present contractual PhD student (researcher) within the same university. Project of thesis: ” the virtuosity in the art of ‘ ud in the XXth century “, supervised by Anne Pénesco. Since 2012 he is also member of Nonkilling Arts Research Committee’s http://nonkilling.org/node/7

He taught at House of Arabic Lute of Constantine in Algeria, in the Sultanate of Oman or in the Egyptian Cultural center of Paris. He(it) also livened up(led) studios(workshops) of oud within the framework of the association ” La Ruche ” in Marseille and gives private lessons. (Individual and collective teaching: progressive assimilation of the directory, the rhythmic cycles, the work on the instrumental technique, approaches the improvisation).

Tarek Abdallah occurs on stage solo (recital), in duet or with artists of musical horizons different as the Orchestra of Baroque-graffiti, Tommy Smith and Pino Idoice ( jazz), Naseer Shamma and Eastern Orchestra (70 musicians among whom Ross Dali, Dhruba Gosh), the Orchestra(Band) of the House of the Arabic lute, Mustafa Said, Hazem Shaheen, Abdou Dagher ( Egyptian musicians), Said Chraibi and Darius Tala’ i in the Abbey of Royaumont; sheik Zein Mahmoud ( Egyptian Sufi singing), Bijan Chemirani ( Iranian percussion), Manu Théron ( Occitan singer). He also composes for the theater, play ” The Anton Tchechov’s gull “, staged by the Cie de L’Egrégore. He(it) also accompanies the readings of Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, Fanny Cottençon and Elizabeth Masse or Jacques Bonnaffé within the framework of the Festival The Marathon of the Words in Toulouse. Finally, he accompanies the Syrian actress Fadwa Suleiman to the Festival of Avignon 2012.

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