Raed Khoshaba

Baghdad / Aachen — Aoud

Raed Koshaba


Workshops in the KunstPalais Badenweiler in 2008 & 2010

Born in Baghdad Iraq. Obtained his high diploma in music with a special degree in the oud instrument in 1992 from the Institute of Musical Studies. In 1997, he graduated with the bachelor degree in musical sciences from the University of Baghdad faculty of fine arts.

He studied under some of the most prominent teachers and masters of the instrument, among whom were the virtuoso ud player Salem Abdul Kareem and the late Rawhy Khammash, under whom he studied music theory, traditional arab music forms and composition.

In 1986, while he was still a student in the institute of musical studies, he was selected by the late and most distinguished ud player and composer Munir Bashir to be the first ud player for five years in his (Albayareq) Ensemble for traditional Arabic music which toured the world in the late eighties. It was at the same time a school and an orchestra.

The performances and tours of (Albayareq) Ensemble included: Baghdad and Babylon festivals
1989 Paris during the Arab Music Convention held in the Institute du Monde Arabe
1989 Jerash Jerash festival
1990 Turkey: Ankara and Istanbul 1990 Cairo Opera house
1990 grand tour in the previous USSR He was one of the founders of the Ud Orchestra in 1993.
1994, he was selected to be a member of the (The New Day) virtuosi orchestra, during which time many performances included several of his compositions for the accompanied ud instrument. Performed as a solo ud player in and outside Iraq. His rich repertoire includes many compositions in traditional arabic forms such as Samaii, Bashraf and Longa, some in Rondo, Capriccio and Variations form and some in very interesting free and contemporary forms.

He has created Baghdad Band with his friends musicians to play tradiotional iraqi music, Ourouk Ensemble in which he is presenting a dialogue between the guitar and the ud, Oriental Jazz (with saxophone, clarinet and percussions) and many other musical projects. His C.D.: Strings Of Soul was produced in the year 2002. Later, and in 2004, the first cd of Baghdad Band was produced. He co-established a center for arabic culture and music in Liege in Belgium where he is teaching oud. Currently, he is a resident of Aachen in Germany.