Nora Thiele – lessons

percussion lectures for beginners & advanced players

Nora Thiele, Photo by Ellen Schmauss

Foto: Ellen Schmauss

the frame drum is one of the most fascinating percussion instrument and through it’s many different playing techniques with the hands a nearly never ending sound spectrum will be opened. The center of this workshop will be the syrian frame drum Mizhar ( sitting playing position ) and the Tar which is played standing up. If the group is interested, basic playing techniques of the egyptiam Riqq with the cynbals, may be have a look. Nora THiele is taking care of thorough techniques, posture, sound esthetic, she is working on classical rhythm repertoire, and orientated practically with melody and instruments on ornamentation,improvisation own compositions and finally ensemble music for several voices and not to neglect, fun.

Vita of Nora Thiele