Mustafa Said – lessons

Aoud Workshop for beginners

Mustafa Said puts his focus in that group on one side on the technic, especially on holding the plectrum, the rischa and furthermore on the way to pluck the strings. Both he thinks are the main principles to get a good contact to the instrument. But also the general holding of the instrument will be practised. Naturally his special traditional and egyptian stile goes into his lessons. He is working in his lesson without notes, only listening and repeating is his method to get a feeling to that instrument and the oriental tunes. This is an important aspect for him. His lessons are an optimal start on the oud. Mustafa will do his lessons for whole group and also in single sessions for every student.

For advanced students of all instruments Mustafa will do a workshop at two afternoons, on how to perform and interpret classical Arab Music and to creat a style through improvising in a group in a pre-composed piece.