Mohamed El Amine Kalaï.


Born in 1992, Kairouan , Tunisia, he studied music and kanun playing at the regional conservatory of Kairouan from 2005 to 2009 when he obtained the National Arabic Music Diploma, then in 2011 the National Interpretation Diploma (kanun as instrument). He participated in many festivals and comptetions and obtained the first prize of the Young Musicians’ Festival at El Kram in 2006, Neapolis Soloists’ Festival in 2013 as well as the Golden Rabeb during the same festival, Nabeul, as well as the
prestigious festival of Young Virtuosi at Ennejma Ezzahra, Sidi Bousaid in 2014.
He works on traditional forms of Tunisian music and in 2012 he published his first book containing a collection of 57 of his own compositions inspired from the “Tunisian bashraf” as musical form.
Outside Tunisia he was one of the participants at the People Festival in 2014 at Aradeo, Italy, and during June 2015 he participated in the second Ottoman Music Summer School organized by Istanbul University at Istanbul and where he has attended 6 masterclass with the master and kanun virtuoso and composer Göksel Baktagir.
Actually he has just finished 5 years of medical studies at Tunis’s Medicine Faculty and he continue to work on old traditional forms of Tunisian music as well as to develop a new playing method to adapt mediaval and baroque music to be played with the kanun.