Mohamed Askari

Kairo / Berlin — Nay



Mohamed Askari is musician, composer and music ethnologist for arabic mudsic With his music Mohamed Askary engages himself within different cultures and also within different religions. He is not afraid of any contacts whereever there is interest, and he likes to take new roads, to learn new things and to try them. Mohamed Askari was born in egypt and grew up there.

He lives in Germany since 1970 and is since a quite long time german citicen. He is married and has 3 daughters, and he is also one of the founders of the german journal Al-Maqam, journal for arabic art and culture. Still living in egypt he leart the art of playing the nay, the typical arabic bamboo flute which is seen by the sufis as the brain of god.

In germany he studied music. He studies clarinet and composition in Heidelberg/Mannheim and Berlin, Then music ethnology in Berlin and Göttingen. The studies he finished magister examn. Recently he celebrated 30 years of being on stage in Germany!