Jehad Jazbeh

Aleppo & Damascus / Bremen — Violine

Born in 1985 Aleppo / Syria
Jehad Started playing viloin at an early age, then he joined the Arabic Institute Of Music in Aleppo in 1995 and he graduated in 2000 ,after that he joined the konservatuar in Syria, graduated in 2008 as evaluation of very good.

Jehad teaches violin at the main old music institute in Syria “Sulhi Al Wadi Institute” since 2006, also Jehad teaches violin in Zeryab Institute which is specialized to give early arab music education for children from the age of 5 years old.

Work Experience

  • He participated in festivals for young musicians in Syria for several years with different chamber and symphonic orchestras like the “Syrian Youth Orchestra” and the “Aleppo Boys” Chamber Orchestra.
  • In 2000 he became a player in “Aleppo Heritage Band” despite his young age this band presents the arab old heritage music in all its forms like religious and Andalusia Muwashahat, Semai , Qudod , Adwar, Longa … it is very famous in Aleppo, it hosts familiar singers and it has a regulars performing in many important stages in Syria.
  • In the early stage of his studies at the Konservatuar he became a player at the “Syrian National Symphony Orchestra” which he starts with travelling to perform in too many countries such as Germany, Itlay , Turkey , United Arab Of Emirates
  • In 2004 he was member of the “National Orchestra for Arab Music” which is founded with the establishment of the Higher Institute of Music in Syria in 1990, operates on the performance of selections variety of arab heritage and try not to change or touch the melody and its spirituality, work on all forms and templates of arab music.
    Jehad performed with in Lebanon , Morocco , Italy , Jordan , Germany then the orchestra started to play music for his arrangement.
  • In 2003 he performed in Morocco at “Triangle of Andalusia” Festival “Alondlsaat”, as part of the celebration in Rabat, capital of Arab culture for 2003.
  • In 2004 he went to Qatar with “Zeryab” Orchestra where they made several shows
  • In 2004 he participate with “Alexandria opera orchestra” which made concerts in Egypt and Sied Darwish theater
  • 2007 he participated in “Mosicat festival” in Tunisia with the Arab Singing band where they played the old (Andalusia Mwashah)
  • He is the concert master of the “Arab youth philharmonic orchestra” which he played with in Germany: Bonn at the opening concert of Schuman festival, Bayreuth, Steinbach with the German conductor “Walter Mik” and then in Algeria
  • 2007 he conducted the orchestra of Zeryab Institute which performed many pieces all from his arrangement.
    In 2008 he represented his country Syria at the “Mediterranean Orchestra” which made many concerts at Nice Opera, Marseille (France).
  • 2009 he started his own project in composing and he found the (Damascus Takht) trying to play the musical heritage as it was ,and create an area for young musician to play their composing which present their view of what is going on around them.
  • He played with Ziad AlRahbani in many of his concerts in Damascus and Beirut and recorded in Fayrouz new albums, with Marcel Khalifa in many concerts.
  • In 2013 he participate in “Young Euro Classic” in (Konzerthaus Berlin) with the “Arab youth philharmonic orchestra” with the german conductor “Heiner Buhlmann”, and he participate with “Broukar” group in the same festival.
  • 2013 he participate with “International Youth Symphony Orchestra” in (Die Glocke Bremen) with the german conductor “Martin Lentz”.
  • In the same year he was one of the founders of “Camellia Band” as an artistic director and music arranger. “Camellia Band” did several concerts in Bremen and Hanover.
  • Member of the “Syrian String Group” which is specialized in recording music in various studios in Syria and Lebanon.