Hadil Mirkhan

Damascus / Heidelberg — Aoud & Cello

She was born in Damascus 1994 . At early time of her age she started playing Oud at Sulhi Al Wadi Institute where she spent 8 years,and after the 5th year she started playing cello. Hadil participated in many festivals around the world:

  • In 2007 she made many concerts in France as an oud player, and made many workshops there. In 2008 she joined “Damascus Quartet” where she made a series of concerts in the different cities of Syria.
  • In 2009 she participated in a workshop in Tunisia for Arab Music which organized by the ministry of cultural in Tunis, and then she made a concert with the other participations at the National Theater there. She won the third reward in the “Oud Competition” for the years 2007, 2008 and 2009, these prizes enabled her to go to the “Arab Oud House” in Egypt to take lessons with the famous oud player “Naseer Shamma”
  • In 2010 she gave 2 concerts in Germany as a solo player.
  • In 2010 she went with the Ministry of Education’s Orchestra to Russia, and she played with as a solo player. The orchestra players were school students from different parts of Syria and it has regular program at the opera house in Damascus, and Hadil is the Oud solo player in.
  • In 2011 she went to a work shop with the American quartet “Apple Hill” in Jordan with the professor Leonard Matczynski.
  • In 2011 she played in Gout institute as a cello solo player in a concert .
  • 2012 she went to Oman with the Arab Orchestra of Sulhi Alwadi Institute, and she made a concert there at the Big Theater and then she became the first cellist for the orchestra.
  • 2012 she played with “Broukar Enseble” in “Paleo Festival” in Switzerland and Germany.
  • 2012 she went to Oman with ” The Oriental Women Takht ” and made a concert there at the Opera house in Oman .
  • 2013 she played with ( Arab Youth Philharmonic Orchestra ) in konzerthaus Berlin ..and she played with “Broukar Ensemble” in Konzerthaus Berlin. 2013 she played with ( International Youth Symphony Orchestra ) in Bremen.
  • 2013 she played with ” Camellia Band ” in many concerts in Germany. Now Hadil is a student at the Higher Institute Of Music in Damascus.

She is now a player in: — Arab Orchestra of SulhiAlWadi Institute — Camellia Ensemble Ministry Of Education Orchestra. — The Oriental Women Takht — Broukar Ensemble