teachers concert 2017

31.8.2017, 8pm – St. Cyriak, D- Sulzburg

teachers present themself
Musatafa Said, Aoud — Kairo / Beirut
Nehad El Sayed, Aoud — Kairo / Bern
both musicans are born and raised in Cairo. They studied at the Beit al Aoud, directed by Nasseer Shamma and are student and teacher of each other. Meanwhile both went their own musicial path. Mustafa Said is working on the traditional arabic music. He is the director of the AMAR institute near Beirut, which is collecting, archieving and analysing that music. With his Ensemble Asil, he is transforming this tradition into his own compositions.
We are lookinge foreward to a very interesting first half of that concert evening with this aoud duo.

Naziha Azzouz, voice — Algeria / Lyon
Achref Chargui, Aoud — Tunis

In the second half of this evening, we hear again our voice teacher Naziha Azzouz, who will be accompanied this year by oud tunisian guest from Tunis Achref Chargui, aoud. We await mor guast musicians.

Achref Chargui
Achref Chargui

We will be able to proove again in this concert, that LE Mondedid write correctly “This voice is comming from paradise”.

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We thank Tunisair for supporting this concert evening.