Batoul Jazbeh

Aleppo, Syria / Bremen — Soprano singer and Violinist

Batoul Jazbeh was Born in Aleppo (Syria )

Work Experience

  • She studied violin under the supervision of Russian Professor: Emil Chalbash
  • She graduated from the Arab Institute of Music in Aleppo, Then moved to Damascus
  • Participated in several festivals and concerts as a singer and violinist in Syria, Lebanon and Germany:
  • 7th Arab Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (AYPO 7) Konzerthaus Berlin (Germany), Contuctor: Heiner Buhlmann.
  • 14th International Youth Symphony Orchestra (IYSO 14), Glocke Bremen (Germany), Conductor: Martin Lentz.
  • Camellia Ensemble, Hanover and Bremen (Germany).
    National Orchestra of Arabic Music, Damascus Opera House.
  • Tahleeleh Choir and Ensemble for the Sufi, Spiritual, Andalusian Music and Religious Chants, Beirut (Lebanon) and Damascus (Syria).
  • Rainbow Choir (Luna of choir singing).
  • Sun Youth Orchestra.
  • Aleppo Chamber Orchestra.
  • Khan al-Harir Festival.
  • She is a Teacher of violin and singing in several music institutes:
  • Harmony Institute of Art.
  • Classic Institute of Music and Painting.
  • Institute of charity art association.
  • Member of the “Syrian String Group” which is specialized in recording music in various studios in Syria and Lebanon.