Bassem Hawar

Baghdad / Köln — Violine & Djoze

4.9.2015 - Ahlam Babiliyya - Bassem Hawar



Born in 1972 in Baghdad Bassem Hawar grown up in the very old cultur landscape between the sumerian town Ur and Lagash in the south of Iraq. This region is the home of many artists and musicians. You also find a lot of musical talents in his family. From 1987-1993 he studied at the Conservatory in Baghdad to finish with a degree in Djoze, followd by studies of musicology at the Baghdad University. From 1995-1999 he worked as a djoze teacher at the Baghdad Conservatory, which was foundet by the most famous Iraqi Oud-player Munir Bashir. At the same time Bassem Hawar was connected to the Instrument Workshop of the Conservatory, researching construction and playing techniques of the djoze. He had many performances in the Arab world and Europe with the Iraqi Synphonic Orchestra and the ensembles al Bayariq, Babel, Yuri Honing, Lagash, Baghdad Ensemble and Ahoar. Since 2000 he lives in Germany.