Amer Dahbar

Damascus / Bremen — Perkussion

Musiker-Amer Dahbar



He was born in Syria 1986

A student of Economics University- Damascus

A student of high Institute of music – Damascus (percussion)

Amer teaches percussion in (Music In Me) project since 2004, this project is founded by the Dutch organization that seeks to provide music education for children in Palestinian refugee camps with concentration on Arab instrument in cooperation with UNRWA, by the end of 2007 his students performed in Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam

  • Work Experience:
  • Syrian culture days in Tunisia
  • 2003 Darvish festival in Algeria-Algeria
  • 2004 Tourism festival in Italy-Milano
  • 2006 As a teacher with music-in me group Holland
  • 2007 Jazz festival with listen group in Norway-Oslo
  • 2009 a solo player with Syrian Symphony orchestra Italy-Rome
  • 2011 With Orfeuos orchestra in the theatre play (Min Ayam Salah Aldin) Lebanon
  • 2011 Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival
  • 2011 in Taiwan with Abo Khalil Alkabani group which is main focus is to present the original oriental music,and he made with this group 2 workshops at (Taipei National University Of The Arts) and (National Taiwan University)

    Amer plays with the following bands and orchestras:

  • Syrian Orchestra for Arab Music (Soloist, he played with the Orchestra in many concerts in Syria and in the UAE)
  • Soloist in Symphonic National Band
  • Abo Khalil Al Kabani Band

    He Shared some Theatre plays as a musician and an actor

  • Naharat al Ghaflah- Dairected by Hassan Ewiti
  • Don que shot – Dairected by Osama Halal
  • Alaa Alddin – Dairected by Osama Halal
  • Moment – Dairected by Raghdah Sharani
  • Rajeen – Dairected by Aiman Zaidia
  • Shared as an actor in the cinema film Matar Ailool – Dairected by Abd- Allateef Abd-AlHameed