Achref Chargui.

Achref Chargui, Tunis

Achref Chargui graduated with a Diploma in Arab music in 2002 and the following year he was awarded a prize for the best oud player by the ‘La Rachida’ cultural and artistic asociation, which specialises in Tunisian music. He also received an MA in musicology and cultural studies in 2009 and is currently working towards his doctorate. Achref has been an oud instructor at the Institut Supérieur de Musique de Tunis and Conservatoire Nationale de Tunis in Tunisia since 2007, and has performed at a number of international festivals as a solo artist and with various ensembles. His most recent project is the Achref Chargui Trio, which combines Arab music with the improvisational approach of jazz.

Achref Chargui is now the director of festival musical journeys of Carthage


Notes ( 2013 )
! ( 2014 )
( 2016 )