31.8.2013 – AWDA

Adel Salameh, Aoud - Palestine / France
Didier Petit, Cello - France
Dimitris Varelopoulos, Lawta - Greece

Palestinian oud player and composer Adel Salameh was born in Nablus, Palestine. He started performing as a soloist while still living in the Arab World but immigrated to Europe in 1990. He quickly established as one of the finest performers of the oud. He has performed in more than thirty countries including Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, and numerous countries in North Africa and Europe.

Adel believes that music is an excellent tool to build bridges between various cultures. In an effort to tackle these cultural barriers, he has worked with Turkish, Spanish, Indian, French, English, Israeli and Greek musicians. He has worked with Womad/Real World for six years and performed at the most prestigious concert halls in Europe, such as the Royal Festival Hall, the Barbican Centre in London, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the Royal Tropical Institute, the Paradiso in Amsterdam, the Institute of the Arab World in Paris, The Opera House and the Auditorium in Lyon. He has also performed at many festivals throughout the world. He has been described as the ambassador of Arab music in the West.

Together with the french cellist Didier Petit, the greek lute player Dimitris Varelopoulos , Adel presents a new program, based on his latest compositions, released in the new album “Awda”. This album was written during Adel’s last visit to his birthplace Palestine. He composed the music inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the country and by the daily life of the people who live there. In Adel’s new program the vivid improvisations of the four musicians with their different cultural backgrounds blend into a unique auditive experience that takes the audience on a trip around Mediterranean.