8 lesson groups with arabic teachers. Get an impression about them in following Video from 2015:

Groups and actual number of applications see table below.

 Aoud masterclass10 10
Saif Al-KhayyatAoud advanced10 73
Mustafa Said Aoud beginners1073
Firas HassanPercussion advanced –> Riqq10 46
Nora Thieleframe drum beginners1091
Naziha AzzouzVoice10 19
Taufik MirkhanKanun beginner & advanced10 28
Mohammad FityanNay1028
Bassem HawarViolin & Djoze1037



As long as the table above shows free places it is possible to apply.

We will have students from the following countries:

D,  CH, F, B, GB, LB, AT, USA

And here you will find us in the southwest of Germany in D-79395 Sulzburg in the corner with France and Suiss. The teaching place ist the “Ernst Leitz primary school” in Sulzburg ( marked in the map below ):