2007 – 2010

In the years 2007 – 2010 there did arise in the context of a regional cultural entstand project in Badenweiler, the  KunstPalais, on one side a small serie of concerts with oriental music and on the other side small worshop weekends have been installed with lessons for aoud and percussion/framedrums.
This was the start of the oriental music-summeracademy.

The workshopweekends have been the following:

  • March 2009
    Raed Khoshaba, Aoud & Joss Turnbull, percussion
  • february 2010
    Raed Khoshaba, Aoud & Joss Turnbull, percussion
  • july 2010
    Adel Salameh, Aoud & Adel Shams El-Din, Perkussion ( Riqq )

In the submenue to this page, you will find listed all the concerts of this period, have a look there.