Mohammad Fityan – lessons

Nay-Workshop for beginner & advanced

1. for beginners: Mohammad Fityan_red3
will be founding from scratch for the simple basics (Explaining about the instrument-How to catch the Nay-How to get sounds development exercises- Exercises for simple techniques -learn to play simple song-Advices for development practice to beyond the workshop).

2 – for advanced players
At the beginning, there will be a simple test to determine the level of technical capabilities for the player, giving exercises and tracks that suit the development of better focus will be on: (develop breathing-color sound-transacts with special exercises for techniques-Practicing to play Pieces from Arabic music Forms as Sammaie and Lounga and mor music composition- Advices for development practice to beyond the Workshop.

Vita of Mohammad Fityan.


08.01              Potsdam      (Germany)      Sternkirche Potsdam with (Aleppo Passion)
11.01              Brussels      (Belgium)       Antwep with (Brussels Jazz Orchestra)
24.03              Versailles      (France)         Versailles théâtre de Guyancourt  with (Abed Azriè)
02.04 – 18:00  Rottenburg    (Germany)     ev. Kirche with (Duo ZIA feat Mohamad Fityan)
28.04              Mannheim    (Germany)      Nationaltheater Mannheim with (MADD Ensemble)
29.04              Karlsruhe     (Germany)      Stadtkirche  Mannheim with (Duo ZIA feat Mohamad Fityan
19.05 – 20:00  Freiburg       (Germany)      Freiburg  SWR Studio Freiburg (Fityan Band)
26.05              Berlin           (Germany)      Berliner Philharmonie with (Berliner SymphonikerUnison.
19.06              Stuttgart      (Germany)      Mohamad Fityan Als Gast with  (NeckerGanga HazartTrio)

02.07 – 17:00  Brühl            (Germany)     Christuskirche with (Duo ZIA feat Mohamad Fityan)
03-09.7.         Tour.           (Germany-Austria).        in Munich & Graz with   (Sarband Ensemble)
22.07              Dresden       (Germany)      Frauen Kirche with (Austrian Syrian Project)
23.07              Müncheberg   (Germany)      Müncheberg Kirche with (Fityan-Duo)
28.07              Köln              (Germany)      ___ with (Sarband Ensemble)